Know Your Instrument
Despacito: How You Hate to Love it, but Come on. You Love It!
Let me start off by saying, this is a safe space to admit you love Despacito. Everybody has their handful of guilty pleasure songs. This tropical Latin Pop song just happens to be the ear worm of the year for 2017. There’s plenty of reasons to like this song,... Read more
5 Handy Apps for Guitarists on the Go
I’ve travelled a lot this year. More than I have before, at least, and I’ve travelled with my guitar and no idea as to when I’d be finding myself back at home. It’s mildly frustrating to travel light and to make sure you have everything you need to back... Read more
Acoustic guitar shapes and the sound within
I write almost all my songs on an acoustic guitar, even if they turn into rock songs, hard rock songs, metal songs, heavy metal songs, really heavy songs… I love writing on an acoustic because I can hear what every string is doing; the vibrations haven’t been combined in... Read more
8 Top Chords Every New Guitarist Must Learn
Chords are considered the building blocks of songs. Beginning guitar players who see a chord chart for the first time will probably be overwhelmed by the number of chords they need to learn. If you’re new to the guitar, it’s easy to get dizzy looking at fret markers and... Read more
Our 80 favorite songs for 2017
Our 80 favorite songs for 2017 2017 has seen some great music, with plenty of new releases and some albums in the pipeline from the world’s best recording artists. We all have our favorites and it’s somewhat hard to keep the list as short as it is (and a... Read more
Our Top 4 Tips For Ukulele Beginners
You really like that warm and tinkly ukulele sound. You’ve seen tons of ukulele players covering your favorite songs or coming up with some great originals. Your friends have started picking up the instrument and taking it everywhere with them. You want to try playing the ukulele too, but... Read more
What Kind of Unusual Instruments Have Billboard Artists Played?
What’s the secret to being a Billboard chart-topper? Is it the lyrics, the melody, the image of the artist? It’s a mix of everything of course, but today we’ll focus on one aspect that helps Billboard artists create the sounds that help them get to the Billboard Hot 100:... Read more
Who Were The Best Guitarists Of All Time?
Many of today’s guitar players picked up their instrument because they were influenced not only by great songs but also by the guitarists who made them. And while there are many great guitarists out there, there are a few names that keep popping up as the most admired. Here... Read more
The Great Israel Kamakawiwoʻole And His Sweet Ukulele Sounds
The late Israel Kamakawiwoʻole was a native Hawaiian musician best known for his rendition of the beloved classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (performed in a medley with “What a Wonderful World”). The song has since been featured in a multitude of television shows and commercials, films, radio programs and... Read more
5 Tips For Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar
Buying your first guitar involves taking several factors into consideration, such as the kind of music you want to play and your budget. To help you avoid making a hasty decision and purchasing the first guitar you come across (and probably regretting it a few days later), here are... Read more
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